Aijā, ŽūŽū (SAB with Soprano solo and piano accompaniment)

SAB with soprano solo and piano accompaniment (2006) ca. 3’30″
Arrangement of two Latvian lullabies.

Aijā, ŽūŽū, arranged by Charles Griffin, is a stunning choral piece that combines two enormously popular Latvian lullabies to create a unique and emotive new musical journey. With three-part SAB vocals, a beautiful soprano solo, and delicate piano accompaniment, this piece will transport listeners to a serene and comforting world.

Perfect for choirs looking to explore Eastern European folksong traditions or simply add a touch of serenity to their repertoire, Aijā, ŽūŽū premiered in 2006 at the VII International Festival for Young Latvian Musicians in Ogre, Latvia, and was subsequently requested for performance by the Latvia choir Intis at the Liepājas Latviešu Biedrības Nama. This arrangement assumes few male singers but can be adapted to suit the dynamic balance of your group.

Audio samples and purchase performance copies are available at ArrangeMeSheet Music Direct, and Sheet Music Plus.

The PDF score comes with a pronunciation guide and lyrics translation.

Program note:

This piece interweaves elements from two of the more popular Latvian lullabies, with sparse commentary/doubling in the piano part. The piece was written assuming few male singers. If there are many male voices in your choir, you might want to consider giving the solo line to more than one singer. Use your judgment based on the dynamic balance available of your group.

Mazi bērni, maza bēda,
Lieli bērni, liela bēda, ā!
Mazi bērni maizi prasa,
Lieli bērni sudrabiņa, ā!
Pasniedz, pelīt, miedziņu caur paceples lodziņu, ā!
Ka kaķītis neredzētu, ka pelīti nenomiegtu, ā!
Aiz kalniņa mēnestiņis, aijā, žūžū, ripu rapu uzripoja, aijā, žūžū.
Mēnestiņis man iedeva, Savu zvaigžņu mētelīti, aijā, žūžū.

Little children, little worry,
Big children, great worry, oh!
Little children demand bread,
Big children demand silver, oh!
I can see through a tiny window
The warm little mouse who brings you slumber, oh!
I pray the cat does not see him.
I pray the cat will let him be, oh!
A little moon is rising above the hill, lullaby.
The moon gave me his coat of stars, lullaby.

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