Between Islands to be premiered in Liepāja, Latvia August 28

Commissioned by Liepājas Osta (The Port of Liepāja) to commemorate the reconstruction and reopening of the Karosta Swing Bridge, Between Islands, a new electroacoustic work for trumpet will be performed by Olexijs Demchenko and me on August 28 at the site of the Karosta Bridge as the two parts of the swing bridge are reconnected for the first time in two years. The performance will take place at 6:30, following a 5PM processional from Rožu Laukums in the Liepāja city center to the bridge site.

The bridge is a uniquely designed swing bridge, and was completely destroyed by a ship two years ago, just short of what would have been the bridge’s 100th anniversary, and destroying the main access-way between the main city of Liepāja and the district of Karosta (the Naval Port in the region during the Soviet Era).

Between Islands is scored for Bb Trumpet and both prerecorded and live electronics. The prerecorded electronics were created or manipulated with Apple’s Logic and Propellerhead’s Reason software programs, and I will process the audio signal from the trumpet in real time using Korg’s Kaoss Pad 3.

6 thoughts on “Between Islands to be premiered in Liepāja, Latvia August 28”

  1. Dude, this sounds like an interesting piece and a rather unique gig, two great tastes that taste great together.

  2. Let’s hope it was. The performance wasn’t recorded, but If you want, I’ll send you an MP3 of the piece with synth trumpet.

  3. I approve! It’s pretty great on all accounts, both compositionally and production-wise. Yeah, I’d be curious to hear it with a sax, though the trumpet does a mighty fine job, I say. I expect it’d just give a slightly different a character—a bit more…swagger?

    Also: City Hall! Why didn’t I ever wonder if there was a trailer on YouTube. Look like you took care of that, right quick!

  4. Thanks, John. As for City Hall, the trailer is all I’ve got, besides a VHS tape somewhere in my storage locker back in NY. Do you have a copy of the straight audio without the movie?

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