Zero Crossings – November 24, 2014 – Mauricio Cespedes and the Viola

The focus of today’s show was recent music for viola, because for the second half of the show I conducted an interview with Dr. Mauricio Cespedes Rivero, the principal violist for the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra.

Nicolai Roslavets – First Viola Sonata, Lawrence Power, violist
Garth Knox – Viola Spaces (Eight Concert Studies), Garth Knox, violist
Kajia Saariaho – Je sens un deuxième coeur, I. Je dévoile ma peu, Saariaho Trio
Krysztof Penderecki – Cadenza for Solo Viola, Mauricio Cespedes, violist
George Rochberg – Viola Sonata, First Movement, Mauricio Cespedes, violist
Thomas Pasatieri – Sonata for Viola and Piano, First Movement, Mauricio Cespedes, violist

Errata: I mistakenly declared the Arditti String Quartet to be an American string quartet when in fact they were founded in the UK. Garth Knox, whose Viola Spaces I featured prominently in the show was born in Ireland and raised in Scotland. This is what happens sometimes when you riff, people!

Listen here:

      Zero Crossings – November 24, 2014, with Dr. Mauricio Cespedes Rivero

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