…like water dashed from flowers… receives premiere in Bogotá, Colombia on November 30

Cervantes_MonarcaAs part of her tour to promote an upcoming CD release, pianist Ana Cervantes will give the Columbia premiere of my …like water dashed from flowers…, a piece that borrows elements from the folkloric song La Zandunga and Nahuatl poetry translated into Spanish. The piece is somewhat demanding and includes aspects of ritual and song, where the pianist is asked at times to recite text, sing, play a rattle, stomp her foot (wearing ankle bells), or utilize other extended techniques, often while playing the piano at the same time. Other composers on the program include Anne LeBaron (USA), Georgina Derbez, Gabriela Ortiz, and Mario Lavista (México), Alba Potes (Colombia), Silvia Cabrera Berg (Brazil), Horacio Uribe (México) and Tomás Marco (Spain).

Ana premiered the piece at the Cervantino Festival in Guanajuato, Mexico last year. This performance will take place at El Teatro Mayor on November 30 at 8PM in Bogotá, Colombia.

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