Hold the Mayo at Sydney Underground Film Festival September 10

The short film Hold the Mayo is enjoying a flurry of screenings at U.S. film festivals, but now its enjoying an Australian premiere. The Sydney Underground Film Festival 2011 will screen our short at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville.

WRITER/DIR/PROD: Jeffrey Williams
CAST: Saul Herckis, Damian Samuels
ORIGINAL SCORE: Charles Griffin

Sam is a beleaguered sandwich store clerk who is having a very bad day. Then he has a life-altering encounter with Frank – a force of nature who believes the customer is always right. Horribly, horribly right. A gruesome comedy-horror about words that cannot be unspoken, and sandwiches that cannot be unmade. Profound philosophical questions lead to graphic consequences, all centered around the world’s most foul condiment.

This is my second collaboration with Jeffrey Williams.

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