VIDA gets 7 performances at downtown Orlando’s Fringe Art Space, March 23-30

Vida is an immersive and captivating musical journey; this multidisciplinary, multilingual experience connects artistic expression and the complexities of navigating the different stages of life. It is a timeless, multi-generational invitation to look inward and explore one’s mental health and well-being in a lighthearted, poignant, and uplifting way. Through a mesmerizing blend of dance, visual arts, and literature encompassed within different vignettes, Vida extends beyond the realm of a standard performing arts production; it’s an experience that delves into the heart and psyche of humanity. Following each performance local artist, Ellen Pestili will lead audiences of all ages in a collaborative creative process which will give all open to participating an opportunity to connect, engage and imprint their emotions through art.

I composed roughly 18 minutes of music for cello quartet for this project, all played by the consummate cellist and Stetson faculty member Jamie Clark. She’ll play live over the other parts she pre-recorded.

Additionally, Vida features illustrations by Norwegian visual artist, Lisa Aisato and choreography and movement by recognized Cirque Du Soleil performer, Ana Cuellar.

An original production by Open Scene. 

Duration: 60-90 minutes. 

Suitable for audiences of all ages.

This project was conceived and produced by Thamara Bejarano and Mariella Saad, who run a fabulous local Spanish-language theatre organization called Open Scene. Their mission: Open Scene is a non-profit organization led by Latina women that serves as a cultural management agency whose mission is to promote multiculturalism, inclusion, and well-being. We present high-quality artistic and humanistic content that encourages pluralism and reduces the historical gap in access to the arts, whether due to cultural, language, or economic barriers. Our programs foster integration among people of all ages, providing platforms for meaningful civic dialogue, professional development, and cultural heritage preservation. By offering these programs, we aim to create spaces for people to grow well-being and enhance community cohesion.

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