Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Águila  –  Spec Script – Comedy – 33 pages (2018) An episode spec script for the series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The episode, entitled Águila, it was written before Chelsea Peretti left the series in season six. 

Wireless Fidelity Story Bible. This is the Story Bible for a series that is currently being created. This “Story Bible” is a reference document and style guide that establishes the standards for the writing, design, and production for the TV Series known as Wireless Fidelity. It details and outlines the characters, culture, history, landscape, and other aspects of the story’s “world” and would be used by the writers and production crew to maintain continuity and consistency over the course of the project.


No Shelter  –  Short Script – Horror – 20 pages (2019) No Shelter is a psychological horror story about an awkward and bullied teen who wants to fly under the radar, graduate high-school and leave his town behind, but after volunteering at a local animal shelter and asking out the wrong girl, his tormentors take their abuse to a new level, forcing him him to embrace the animal he was meant to be. 

Not So Fast –  Short Script – Comedy – 11 pages (2018) Not So Fast is a comic Biblical parody about beleaguered Noah, who after building an Ark in advance of the Great Flood has to personally select which animals get saved, but when the animals beg, lie, threaten, or eat each other, Noah wants to rescue his human neighbors, which seems impossible, because God is always watching.

Simple Gifts –  Short Script – Young Romance – 5 pages (2017) A young Russian exchange student attempts to woo an American girl with increasingly larger mystery gifts hidden in increasingly larger nesting dolls in an attempt to win her heart.


Greg’s Private Detective Agency, Episode 1 & Episode 2. Genre Mash-up Comedy – 7 pages each (2019) Two episodes of a lager series concept. Not produced, but also used as inspiration for a transmedia project. Read the scripts and then visit for more info.


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Unpublished Fiction

Bloodlines – Short Story – Drama – 3992 words (2018) Mara causes John’s family grief of one kind after another,  in this modern take on the classic fairy tale, Hansel & Gretel.

The Coriolis Effect – Flash Fiction – Magical Realism – 753 words (2018) Brett Pribble contends with the arrival on his doorstep of a mysterious box with the sounds of wind and screaming inside.

Ditch – Flash Fiction – Crime – 750 words (2018) Megan’s hitchhiking road-trip with her best friend Ally goes awry when Megan finds herself alone and vulnerable, in this tale of revenge certain to provoke conversation in the wake of the #metoo movement.