Guitar & Strings

Cambiando Paisajes (Shifting Landscapes) (2003, rev. 2005) 9’
Piano Trio – Vln, Vlc, Piano.
Commissioned for pianist Teresa McCollough by Santa Clara University.
Premiered April 25, 2003 at Santa Clara University, California.

Habañera/Carmen Fantasy (2008) ca. 3′30″
Arrangement for Flute (Optional),Viola and Cello
An arrangement for Flute (Optional),Viola and Cello of the Habañera from Bizet’s opera, Carmen, using Pablo Sarasate’s Carmen Fantasy for Violin and Piano as a starting point.

Fischiettando (2008) ca. 1’30”
Arrangement for Piccolo, Violin, Cello, and Tambourine (optional), of a traditional Sicilian melody. (The fischiettando is the Sicilian version of the tarantella.)

for the straight way was lost (2002) 8’
Viola or Cello with Clarinet or Bass Clarinet or Alto Saxophone
Commissioned and premiered by Darkwood Consort, Boise, Idaho.

From the Faraway Nearby Six Movements, (1998) 20’
Two Guitars.
Premiered at Weill Recital Hall and recorded by the Goldspiel-Provost Classical Guitar Duo.

How Do I Love Thee? (2000) 4’30”
Text by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, for High Voice, Clarinet or Violin & Piano.
A co-commission and premiere by The Lark Ascending, Nancy Bogen, director, and the Lyric Arts Trio.

Nightsongs (2007) 9’
Clarinet and String Quartet
Premiered by The Griffin Ensemble at Liepāja Symphony Concert Hall, May 2007.

Ook Pik Waltz (2008) 4′
An arrangement for Violin, Cello, and Guitar of a traditional Canadian melody.

Pietà (1997) 4’
Text by Rainer Maria Rilke, for Alto, Cello & Organ.
Commissioned by Holy Family Church, Queens, NY, Jane Lawson, director.

Set fire to have light (2004) 10’
String Quartet
Premiered by the Barbad Chamber Orchestra, Ramin Heydarbegyi, Director, at Christ & St. Stephen’s Church, NYC.

Shifting Coastlines (2000) 30’
Texts by Charles Simic; John Sokol; Ralph Burns; Howard Nemerov; Albert Goldbarth; Ronald Wallace
Medium Voice, Flute/Alto Flute, Violin, Cello, Piano & Percussion.
Collaboration with the amazing visual artist Karen Fitzgerald.
Commissioned by Goliard Concerts with funding from the Greenwall Foundation and the Queens Council on the Arts, for their annual concert series and Southeastern Festival Tour.