Theodore Wiprud

Zero Crossings – April 6, 2015, Friends and family

Today’s show featured an eclectic mix of great music by 11 composers, most of whom I know personally. I was joined in the studio by my 8 year-old son who was out sick from school, snickered in the background from time to time, and chose and announced the final track for the afternoon.

The music aired during the program included:
Frank Felice – 3 Pieces from Banff: 1. Patent Nonsense; 2 Winter’s Gloaming; 3. Impromptu, from Boyd, Kate: Music for the End of Winter
Theodore Wiprud – El Jaleo. from Love and Longing
Gene Pritzker – Piano Trio, Op. 239, from Trio Panta Rhei
Charles Coleman – Streetscape, from American Portraits
Carl Schimmel – Into Xylonia: I. Gleaming teak parquet, boundless, oceanic; II. Bubinga buttons and ash pegs bubble in clumps; III. Newelposts and dominoes jostle with alphablocks, caepitose and shrubby; IV. Ligneous tendrils bear fattening spindle tips, shooting about dowelsprout; V. Pyrgoidal Peppermills and Peglegs – Mammoth Axehandles – Titanic Biedermeier Bedstands; VI. From the barbicans flutter deckle and chads, tickertape and timbersplinters, crepe paper billowing like henin cloth, from Into Xylonia
Christopher Gable – Beat That Clock, from Zeitgesit: Here and Now
Alex Shapiro – Slipping, from Notes from the Kelp
Robert Raines – The Return of Odysseus: Athena Visits Ithaca; The Sirens; The Kingdom of the Dead; The Return of Odysseus; The Rooted Bed, from The Return of Odysseus (MSR Classics)
Dosia McKay – A Whisperer in the Land of Shouters, from Lacrimosa
William Susman – Moving in to an Empty Space No. 1 Hot Time; No. 2 Begging the Night for Change; No.3 Moving in to an Empty Space, from Scatter My Ashes
“Weird Al” Yankovic – Fat

Listen to the show here:

      Zero Crossings – April 6, 2015 – A Mixed Bag

Zero Crossings – February 23, 2015, interview with Troy Gifford

GIFFORD The first half of the show featured music by the Claudia Quintet, who will be presented by the Civic Minded 5 and Timucua Arts Foundation at the Orlando White House at 7:30 on Sunday, March 1. This second half of today’s show featured the music of and interview with composer, guitarist and Chair of the Music Department at Valencia Community College, Troy Gifford. Troy co-organized and will be performing in Valencia’s Inaugural Master Guitarist Series, which runs now through March 5.

The music aired during the program included:
The Claudia Quintet – Keramag Prelude; Keramag; and Armitage Shanks, from Royal Toast (Cuneiform Records 2010)
Oliver Caplan – Illuminated by the Light of Two Ships Passing in the Night, from Illuminations (2012)
Theodore Wiprud – Violin Concerto – Katrina: Les Bons Temps; Acadiana; Fly Away, from American Violin Concertos (2011)
Troy Gifford – Homage to Jorge Morel: I. Meditación; II. Danza Triste, from Olvidando (Troy Gifford 2014)
Jorge Morel – Americano, from Encore – A Guitar Recital
Jorge Morel – Guitarreando, from Meet Morel
Adam Rafferty – Superstition, from Gratitude
Wayne Henderson – Florida Blues, from Les Pick – Hh-1357 (Hay Holler Records)
Troy Gifford – Extremia, from Olvidando (Troy Gifford 2014)
Troy Gifford – Conciertino Valeroso, from Olvidando (Troy Gifford 2014)

Listen to the show here:

      Zero Crossings – February 23, 2015, with Troy Gifford