Prepared_piano_board_NeumannToday’s show featured experimental piano music by American composers.

The music aired during the program included:
Louis Moreau Gottschalk – Le Banjo, from DeGaetano plays Gottschalk
Charles Ives – Piano Sonata No. 2, “Concord. Mass., 1840-60”, performed by Gilbert Kalish
Henry Cowell – Tides of Manaunaun; Aeolian Harp; The Banshee, from New Music: Piano Compositions by Henry Cowell
John Cage – Selected Sonatas
George Crumb Makrokosmos – Volume I: Part One – Crucifixus; Proteus; Primeval Sounds (Genesis I); Capricorn; Part II. V. The Phantom Gondolier; VI Night Spell I

Zero Crossings – April 27, 2015 – contemporary mix

CompDigiToday’s show featured a playlist that partially prepares listeners for my upcoming interview with composer and author Robert Raines. On May 18th I will talk with Rob about his music and his newly released book Composition in the Digital World, published by Oxford University Press.

The music aired during the program included:
Anna Clyne – The Violin: No. 1, Blue Hour, from The Violin
Arvo Pärt – Fratres, from Maya Beiser: World to Come
Sigur Ros – Flugufrelsarinn, from Kronos Quartet plays Sigur Ros
Stephen Paulus – Meditations on Li Po: And even my soul remains quiet; I Lift my eyes to watch the Mountain Moon; And Now the Last Cloud Drains Away, from Mandala
Steve Reich – Tehillim, performed by Alarm Will Sound
George Crumb – Ancient Voices of Children, performed by Contemporary Chamber Ensemble
Meira Warshauer – In Memoriam, September 11, 2001, from Quiet Strength

Zero Crossings – December 1, 2014 – Tim Stulman

IMG_0713The focus for part of today’s show was music for percussion, in anticipation of an upcoming Man Forever show at our local Will’s Pub, sponsored by Accidental Music Festival. For the second half of the show I conducted an interview with Dr. Timothy Stulman, a composer, colleague and friend of mine at Full Sail University.

Glenn Kotche – Monkey Chant, from Mobile (Nonesuch 2006)
Man Forever with So Percussion – Ryonen (Thrill Records)
Chen Yi – Chinese Folk Dance Suite: I. Lion Dance. Energetically, II. YangKo. Elastically, III. Muqam. Fierily, from Momentum, Singapore Symphony Orchestra
Chou Wen-Chung – Yü Ko, from Music of Chou Wen-Chung
George Crumb – Celestial Mechanics (Makrokosmos IV): I – Alpha Centauri, from Berlin PianoPercussion Ensemble
Timothy Stulman – Autumn from SiJiTu, (BGSU Philharmonia)
Timothy Stulman – Element Cycle (New York Youth Symphony)
Timothy Stulman – Kong Kong (Yeji Kim)
Timothy Stulman – Ekaggata (Jeff Heisler and Chen Yeh)

Listen here:

      Zero Crossings – December 1, 2014, with Dr. Timothy Stulman