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ReBlog: MamLuft&Co. Dance guest appears with Concert:Nova Percussion Quartet at the Cincinnati Art Museum, December 2 & 4

concertnova-headerBy Louisa Shepherd, Concert:Nova

Have you ever wondered how many flowerpots it would take to put on a percussion quartet concert? My guess is—probably not, but audiences at concert:nova’s upcoming concert, The So-Called Laws of Nature, are sure to find the answer to that question and much more.

This collaborative concert will feature the concert:nova percussion quartet and the fabulous dancers of MamLuft&Co. Dance. We’re also very excited to be performing with our long time partner, The Cincinnati Art Museum, who will be presenting the highly acclaimed “Gravity of Light” exhibit in conjunction with our concert.

Last week I had the great pleasure of speaking with our very own Patrick Schleker, one of four talented percussionists performing in The So-Called Laws of Nature. The piece, The So-Called Laws of Nature, after which the concert is named features a range of sound that is “quite different than what most people are used to,” says Schleker, who also performs as timpanist with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. This particular piece involves all types of equipment from pipes, to toms, and yes it even involves performers playing on teacups and flowerpots!

“Audiences can expect to get a pretty non-traditional concert-going experience,” Patrick says. “From a musical standpoint, the sound palate will be very different. We chose a program that will be very engaging to listen to.”

“Percussion instruments are very good at creating textures and moods,” as is the case with David Lang’s The So Called-Laws of Nature, “but this won’t be just a concert full of texture.” Charles Griffin’s The Persistence of Past Chemistries has a tune and may be the closest to what people are used to as far as melody is concerned. Thierry de Mey’s Musique de Tables, programed on the second half of the concert, is written just for hands on tables. “This piece emphasizes the visual aspect of percussion,” Patrick notes, “A big component of what we do is visual.”

“In all, I’m really excited to play each of the pieces on the program. We ‘re all looking forward to this concert,” says Patrick in reference to his fellow quartet members, Erica Drake, Matt Hawkins, and Jeff Luft. “We’ve all worked together in different configurations since 2006, but never as a percussion quartet.” Patrick actually met his colleague Jeff Luft while studying for a Master’s degree in percussion performance. “I went to graduate school at Cleveland State and met Jeff in school. He went to Carnegie-Mellon which was sort of a sister school to us. I’ve known him ever since.”

Be sure to catch Patrick Schleker all the members of the concert:nova percussion quartet at the Cincinnati Art Museum December 2nd and 4th for The So-Called Laws of Nature. It’s sure to be a show you don’t want to miss. For more details about the Cincinnati Art Museum and the “Gravity of Light” exhibit visit




…like water dashed from flowers… Mexico City premiere on July 8

Following on the success of her Juan Rulfo project, pianist Ana Cervantes has put together another multi-composer themed commissioning project entitled Song of the Monarch: Women in Mexico. Nearly 20 composers from around the world were commissioned to respond to the theme, which conflates the varied historical roles played by women in Mexican history and the annual autumn migration of Monarch butterflies into Mexico. This new collection of solo piano music includes my …Like Water Dashed From Flowers…, a piece that borrows elements from the folkloric song La Zandunga and Nahuatl poetry translated into Spanish. The piece is somewhat demanding and includes aspects of ritual and song, where the pianist is asked at times to recite text, sing, play a rattle, stomp her foot (wearing ankle bells), or utilize other extended techniques, often while playing the piano at the same time.

Ana premiered the piece at the Cervantino Festival in Guanajuato, Mexico last year, and has been invited to give the Mexico City Premiere at the Centro Nacional de las Artes on July 8 at 1:30 in the afternoon.

Emergence at the Orlando White House with CF2, April 29

A lot of work is coming to fruition at the Orlando White House on April 29. The Central Florida Composers Forum, now nearly a year old, is getting its land legs. In late January, CF2 member works were included in UCF’s percussion-focused Collide Festival with great success, and the momentum from that concert has lead to a well-publicized and much anticipated multi-media event at the Timucua White House at 7PM on April 29. See the Orlando Weekly write-up here.

Two new works will premiere on this concert: local arts luminary and musical director of La Nouba (Cirque du Soleil) Benoit Glazer‘s Suite Circassienne #6 for brass quintet and percussion quintet and Full Sail University’s Rebekah Todia‘s The Solitary for soprano and piano.

Also on the concert will be Rollins College professor of composition Daniel Crozier‘s Winter Aubade, for piano solo and my Emergence, for flute quartet, prerecorded audio and video projection.

The composers will all be present and are joined by an impressive body of performers: Benoit Glazer & Mike Avila, trumpets; Kathy Thomas, horn; Jeff Thomas, trombone; Bob Carpenter, tuba; Jeff Moore, Matt Roberts, Wesley Strasser, Thad Anderson & Garth Steger, percussion; Julie Batman, Soprano; Heidi Louise Williams & Rebekah Todia, piano; and Elsa Kate Nichols, Nicholas Buonanni, Adriane Hill, Anielka Silva, flutes.

El Paso de la Siguiriya at Boston Conservatory, April 13

The Boston Conservatory Women’s Chorus, directed by Beth Willer, will perform my El Paso de la Siguiriya, a flamenco-inflected setting for women’s voices of the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca.

The concert will take place on Friday, April 13, at 8:00pm in Boston Conservatory’s Seully Hall.

The Women’s Chorus will join the Conservatory Chorale, directed by Michael McGaghie, and their combined program will also include:

SCHÜTZ: Selections from Kleine geistliche Konzerte
SCHUMANN: Romanzen
KOPPEL: Sour Grapes
ARGENTO: The Choirmaster’s Burial; Autumn (WORLD PREMIERE)
BARBER: Sure on this shining night; A Stopwatch and an Ordnance Map; Heaven-Haven

Twisting Magnetic Spins at Furman University, February 29

On Wednesday,February 29, 2012 at 7:00 p.m, the Furman University Percussion Ensemble (Omar Carmenates, Director), will reprise their performance of my
Twisting Magnetic Spins (percussion quartet: vibraphone, timpani, brake drums, gongs, cymbals, etc.) The ensemble gave an excellent performance of the piece last month as part of UCF and CF2’s Collide Festival. This performance will take place in Furman’s Daniel Recital Hall, in Greenville, South Carolina.

Collide Festival and CF2 composers come together, January 28 at UCF

On January 28, 2012 at 8:00 p.m, the Central Florida Composers Forum (CF2), together with Furman University Percussion Ensemble (Omar Carmenates, Director), UCF Percussion Ensemble (Thad Anderson, Director) and KnightWinds Ensemble (Dr. Nora Lee Garcia-Valazquez, Director) will come together to perform an array of works by Central Florida Composers.

Robert Raines – A Quickening (Concerto for Flutes and Percussion)
Christopher Marshall – Birds of a Feather
Thad Anderson – Lines: Withheld (percussion quartet for tuned metals)
Charles GriffinThe Persistence of Past Chemistries (percussion quartet: marimba,xylophone, log drums, cajon, caxxixxi, claves)
Charles GriffinTwisting Magnetic Spins (percussion quartet: vibraphone, timpani, brake drums, gongs, cymbals, etc.)
Two UCF student composers works will be presented.


All events will take place in the UCF Rehearsal Hall Auditorium.
4000 Central Florida Blvd.

Riga Saxophone Quartet tours with Panta Rei in November

The Riga Saxophone Quartet, comprised of Artis Sīmanis, Ainārs Šablovskis, Arvīds Kazlausks, and Gints Pabērzs, is including my Panta Rei in performances in Italy, the Netherlands and Latvia in November, along with works by J.S. Bach, Rihards Dubra, Nick Gotham, György Ligeti, Russell Peck, Antonio Vivaldi and others.

Their concert appearances in November include:

    November 7 at 6PM: Conservatory of Udine, Udine Italy;
    November 9 at 8:30PM: Tartini Conservatory, Trieste, Italy;
    November 15 at 6PM, Royal Conservatory of the Hague, Netherlands;
    November 30 at 6PM, The Promenade Hotel in Liepaja, Latvia

4 Screenings of Hold the Mayo in October & November: Santa Fe, Knoxville, New Orleans and Sherman Oaks

The short film Hold the Mayo is enjoying a flurry of screenings at U.S. & International film festivals, and now is enjoying screenings at 4 festivals in a 3 week period.

Santa Fe Independent Film Festival
October 22: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Warehouse 21
1614 Paseo de Peralta
(505) 989-4423

The Knoxville Horror Film Festival
October 22: Knoxville, Tennessee
Relix Variety Theatre
1208 N Central
(865) 474-1017

The New Orleans Horror Film Festival
October 28: New Orleans, Louisiana
Inn on Bourbon Hotel
541 Bourbon Street
(504) 524-7611

The Valley Film Festival
November 12: Sherman Oaks, California
CAP Theatre
13752 Ventura Blvd
(818) 990-2001

WRITER/DIR/PROD: Jeffrey Williams
CAST: Saul Herckis, Damian Samuels
ORIGINAL SCORE: Charles Griffin

Sam is a beleaguered sandwich store clerk who is having a very bad day. Then he has a life-altering encounter with Frank – a force of nature who believes the customer is always right. Horribly, horribly right. A gruesome comedy-horror about words that cannot be unspoken, and sandwiches that cannot be unmade. Profound philosophical questions lead to graphic consequences, all centered around the world’s most foul condiment.

This is my second collaboration with Jeffrey Williams.

Flute quartet Forty Fingers gives Swedish premiere of Emergence in Mariestad, October 15

My multimedia piece, Emergence, for Flute Quartet, Electronics and Video Projection will receive its Swedish premiere on October 15 at 6PM, at Mariestads stadsbibliotek,
Drottninggatan 12, in Mariestad, Western Sweden. The concert will be preceded by a workshop using two of the movements from the piece to teach improvisation.

The performers for the concert are Forty fingers: Anna Svensdotter, Ann Elkjär, Jill Widén and Tora Stenar.

Kaija Saariaho (1952): Laconisme de l’aile
Yoshihisa Taïra (1937-2005): Fu-Mon
Mirjam Tally (1976): Last year’s sun still glitters in the drop of water
Charles Griffin (1968): Emergence