Adventures in Processing: the Mouse (and posting Processing Sketches into WordPress)

So, moving on from my robot to mouse interactivity, I thought I’d post my riff on this example from the book I’m using, only to discover that loading Processing “sketches” into WordPress blogs is a difficult affair. Luckily, as usual, one of my many betters has solved the problem and posted his solution. Morten Skogly’s answer to the problem is here. I chose some ugly colors for this, but anyway, if this works in your browser on your computer, I’d love to know about it. Thanks! Oh, and if it’s not obvious, drag your mouse across the green square…

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Processing: the Mouse (and posting Processing Sketches into WordPress)”

  1. Thanks for the link! Glad you found my post useful,there are obviously many who are finding posting processing sketches to their wordpress blog troublesome.

    You app works great in FireFox 3.5 on my MacBook.

  2. Hey Charlie,
    Don’t know how useful it is, but it seems to work on my computer (using IE7)….
    I’m assuming that I’m just supposed to see a square with an inner circle following my mouse.

  3. Oh! You found my link to you quickly. Yes, it was very helpful. The problem seems to have flummoxed many people.

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