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Presentation at ATMI Conference in Richmond, VA on October 20

[issuu viewMode=singlePage width=550 height=425 embedBackground=%23940a03 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=111021125403-86bc40a3a6d147668515bffa84a4aa02 name=atmi_presentation username=cbgriffin tag=atmi unit=px id=ba9b6ccf-c154-801a-d52a-d4d1f81ce8ba v=2] I gave an hour-long presentation at the 2011 National Conference of the Association for Technology in Music Instruction (ATMI) yesterday in Richmond, Virginia. The title of my

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Gaudeamus REMIX

Click on the blue VOTE button to support my entry in this unique Remix competition hosted by Indaba Music. This embedded player features both my remix and the original track by the Early Music male vocal quartet New York Polyphony.

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Generative Music Part IV – Noatikl

Continuing my look at generative music software, I’m now going to talk about a program developed by Pete and Tim Cole called Noatikl, from Intermorphic. Pronounced “noh – tickle”, the Intermorphic website describes Noatikl as “a powerful, easy to use

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Generative Music Part III – Elysium

Continuing my look at generative music tools, here is Elysium, another freeware program, that like Tiction and Nodal, generates MIDI data via whatever MIDI device you have to an external synth, or via Apple’s IAC to a software synthesizer or

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Between Islands to be premiered in Liepāja, Latvia August 28

Commissioned by Liepājas Osta (The Port of Liepāja) to commemorate the reconstruction and reopening of the Karosta Swing Bridge, Between Islands, a new electroacoustic work for trumpet will be performed by Olexijs Demchenko and me on August 28 at the

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