Gaudeamus REMIX

Click on the blue VOTE button to support my entry in this unique Remix competition hosted by Indaba Music. This embedded player features both my remix and the original track by the Early Music male vocal quartet New York Polyphony. The challenging aspect of a lot of Remix competitions is that there’s very little time from the announcement and the deadline, and this was no exception. This remix was done in less than 2 weeks of spare time.
I used Logic Pro 9 exclusively, and featured the very cool “Convert Region to Sampler Track” option that takes an audio region, chops it up according to whatever transient markers it’s able to detect, and loads those chopped samples into the EXS-24. The source audio having been Gregorian chant in this case meant mostly non-obvious transients, and Logic did a poor job of separating the samples at zero crossings. A zero-crossing is a point of zero amplitude of a waveform. If an edit occurs where the amplitude is NOT zero, you’ll get clicks and pops, and Logic produced lots of them. This meant a lot of tweaking of samples in the sample editor to get rid of the clicks and pops.
Another fun trick I tried was to use a side-chained Noise Gate from a drum loop (that you never hear) to generate rhythm in the otherwise whole-note bass line about half-way through the piece. I would have liked to work on it a bit more, but I’m pretty pleased with the results. Let me know what you think!