The Vampire Chronicles (Orchestra)

The Vampire Chronicles (1995) Four Movements. ca. 24’ Orchestra. (See below for specific instrumentation.) Received performance prize of premiere by the University of Minnesota Orchestra, Keith Clark, director. Listen to excerpts from the premiere: Movement I: unauthorized-vampire-chronicles-mvt-1-excerpt-2.mp3 Movement II: unauthorized-vampire-chronicles-mvt-1-excerpt.mp3 Movement III, opening: vampirechroniclesii.mp3 Movement IV, middle: vampirechroniclesiv.mp3 Program Note: The Vampire Chronicles (1995) I. … [Read more…]

Agnus Dei (SSAA a cappella)

SSAA a cappella (1995) 3’30″ Text in Latin. Premiered and recorded by the Piedmont Choirs, Bob Geary, Director. Also recorded by the Peninsula Women’s Chorus, Martin Benvenuto, Director. (See Discography.) Listen to the recording by the Peninsula Women’s Chorus: Purchase a PDF of the score for $1 per copy via PayPal: Program note: Based upon … [Read more…]

Fist Through Traffic

Alto Saxophone and Percussion Ensemble (1+8 players) 3 Movements, (1993) ca. 8′ Full instrumentation: Eb Alto Saxophone, Vibraphone, Marimba, Chimes, Timpani, Congas (2 or 3), Timbales (2), Tom (2), Bass Drum, Sand Blocks, Claves, Triangle, Cowbell (more cowbell!!), Tambourine, Suspended Cymbal, Hi-Hat, Brake Drums (2), Whistle Premiered by the University of Minnesota Percussion Ensemble, Fernando … [Read more…]

Three Miniatures (Wind Quintet)

Wind Quintet (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, French Horn, Bassoon), 3 Movements (1993) ca. 8′ Purchase the score and parts via Paypal for $10: Download a perusal PDF of the score in a new window by clicking here. Program Note: Inspired by the poetry of Juan Ramon Jiménez, this piece was premiered by the North Woods Wind … [Read more…]

Chansons Innocentes

SATB a cappella, 3 Movements, (1993) ca. 5’ e.e. cummings, Text. Premiered by the Plymouth Music Series Ensemble at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis. Finalist in the 1995 Chautauqua Choral Composition Contest. Purchase a PDF of the score for $1 per copy via PayPal: in Just I. in Just spring when the world is mud- … [Read more…]

Do Not Go Gentle

Two Pianos, 3 Movements (1993, minor revisions later) ca. 13’ Premiered by Amy & Sara Hamann at the University of Minnesota. Program Note: Written as a memorial for my mother, Constance Mary Barrett, who had recently died from lung cancer three months shy of her fiftieth birthday. The sonata takes its title from a poem … [Read more…]

Jazz Suite (Clarinet & Piano)

Bb Clarinet and Piano, 3 movements, (1992) ca. 8′ Premiered by Benjamin Coleman, Clarinet & Kee Poh Lim at Queens College, 1992. Listen to the 2nd Movement, performed by Jen Gerth and Tracy Bradshaw: jazzsuiteii.mp3 Purchase a PDF of the score and parts via Paypal for $6: Program Note: I wrote this piece for my … [Read more…]

Heart! We Will Forget Him!

Emily Dickinson, Text. High Voice and Piano, ca. 2′ Premiered by ToniAnn Notarfrancesco & Kee Poh Lim at Queens College, 1991.Heart! We Will Forget Him! Purchase a PDF of the score via PayPal for $2: Heart! We will forget him! You and I – tonight! You may forget the warmth he gave – I will … [Read more…]

Nightsongs (Clarinet Quintet – Clar. & String Quartet)

Clarinet and String Quartet (2007), One Movement, 9’ Premiered by The Griffin Ensemble at Liepāja Symphony Concert Hall, May 2007. Purchase a PDF of the score and parts via PayPal for $10: Here’s a video with Uldis Lipskis (clarinet), Baiba Lasmane, Ginta Alžane (violins), Tatjana Borovika (Viola) and Dina Puķite (Cello), from their performance with … [Read more…]