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  1. Jackie Bade

    I was born a Simon & Garfunkle fan. Until I was about 7, my parents had 4 albums: Petula Clark, Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass, and 2 Simon & Garfunkle albums – Wednesday morning 4AM(?) and the one with Bridge Over Troubled Water (was it Bookends?). Michael Golder and I went to the big Central Park reunion concert (when was that?). in any case, I understand how that music brings up intense nostalgia – even the sound of the voice singing something new takes you back.

    Peter Gabriel singing those words is an interesting twist! I love him! Peter Gabriel concerts are so terrifically theatrical. But in this case, he takes a song that Paul Simon made buoyant and he turns it into a lament. Do I like it? Yes and no – i have to let it grow on me.

    PS. i heard PG covered a Bowie song and Bowie refuses to cover any of his…

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