1. John LaSala

    Dude, this sounds like an interesting piece and a rather unique gig, two great tastes that taste great together.

  2. admin

    Let’s hope it was. The performance wasn’t recorded, but If you want, I’ll send you an MP3 of the piece with synth trumpet.

  3. John LaSala

    I approve! It’s pretty great on all accounts, both compositionally and production-wise. Yeah, I’d be curious to hear it with a sax, though the trumpet does a mighty fine job, I say. I expect it’d just give a slightly different a character—a bit more…swagger?

    Also: City Hall! Why didn’t I ever wonder if there was a trailer on YouTube. Look like you took care of that, right quick!

  4. Charles

    Thanks, John. As for City Hall, the trailer is all I’ve got, besides a VHS tape somewhere in my storage locker back in NY. Do you have a copy of the straight audio without the movie?

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