Zero Crossings – August 31, 2015, Featuring music by Korean & Korean-American Composers

south-korea-flagIn anticipation of my interview next week with Korean-American composer Sun Mi Ro, today’s show featured music by Korean and Korean American composers.

The music aired during the program included:
Jee Young Kim – Tiger Chasing the Wind
Beata Moon – Dinner is West, from Saros (Bibimbop Music)
Uzong Choe “Preludes 2, 7 & 8” from Klara Min, Piano Music from Korea
Unsuk Chin – Violin Concerto, performed by Viviane Hagner, Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal
Isang Yun – Chamber Symphony I
Isang Yun – Symphony No. 3, performed by the Pomeranian Philharmonic

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