Fragmentary Rondo (Solo Flute)

unaccompanied solo flute, 1 movement, (1996 rev. 2000) ca. 6’30”

Premiered by Hugh Williams at Next Stage in NYC, 1996. In the review of the premiere concert, The New Music Connoisseur (Vol. 5, No. 3, 1997) said: “Charles Griffin’s Fragmentary Rondo for solo flute should join the ranks of standard repertory.”

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Watch a live performance by Liene Denisjuka at Rigas Jaunais Teatris in Riga, Latvia:

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Program Note:

Fragmentary Rondo is the first piece I have written for a solo melodic instrument. I was interested in exploring and integrating several extended techniques for the flute such as slap-tongue, whistle tones, tongue-stops, multiphonics, etc. The piece is in rondo form, and alternates between dance-like or running melodic fragments or gestures and quieter, cautious passages. It was premiered by Hugh Williams and has since been performed by Jennifer Grim (Zephyros Winds), Patricia Spencer (Da Capo Chamber Players), Andrea Ceccomori (soloist, Rome, Italy), Rogério Wolf (soloist, Sao Paolo, Brazil), and others.

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